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Yesso! Espresso


Yesso! is the flagship espresso offering from decaf specialists Savorista. It's a balanced blend of Latin American and African coffees that's elegant on its own and stands proud in your favorite milk or milk substitute, with notes of dark chocolate, strawberries, and dried cherries.

NOTE: Savorista roasts and ships coffee every Tuesday and Friday.  Orders placed by Wednesday 12PM PST will roast and ship Friday, and orders placed by Friday 12PM PST will roast and ship the following Tuesday .

  • Roast Level: Medium Dark
  • Grind: Whole Bean
  • Origin: Blend
  • Region: South America, East Africa
  • Growing Altitude: 1600-2100 MASL
  • Variety: Castillo, Heirloom
  • Cup: Dark Chocolate, Strawberries, Dried Cherries
$19.00 / 10 oz. bag
$19.00 / 10 oz. bag

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