Is Your Decaf Chemical Free?
Find out here.

We know you care about what's in your decaf. The Swiss Water® Process is a trusted, chemical-free decaffeination process, invented as an alternative to methods that use harsh added solvents. Because our process uses only water, time, temperature, and coffee itself, rest assured you’ll never find residual chemicals like Methylene Chloride or Ethyl Acetate.

To help you find Swiss Water® decaffeinated coffees, we've put together this handy list of brands and roasters that partner with us, along with the names of their offerings. While it is only a partial list—we think it'll get you started!

Seek them out online or at a cafe or retailer near you and taste the difference.

Coffee Brands & Product Names

365 by Whole Foods
All decafs
49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
Decaf Swiss Water® Process
Ampersand Coffee Roasters
Swiss Water® Process Decaf
Andytown Coffee Roasters
Guatemala Esquipulas Decaf
Arcade Coffee Roasters
Lomas Altas Guatemala
Barbell Coffee Co
Rest Day Decaf
Barista Alley
Kick Back ZZs
Bean Around The World
Colombian French Decaf, Peru Fair Trade Decaf
Blue Bottle Coffee
Night Light Decaf
Bridge City Coffee
Brazil Fazenda Primavera
Café Grumpy
Decaf Peru, Costa Rica Instant
Cafe Meggo
Cafe Meggo Peru Decaf Coffee
Canterbury Coffee
Canterbury Roastery, Tempest Decaf, Spirit Bear, Dolphin Decaf, One Coffee, Decaf Dark Roast 
Water processed decaf
Coffee Beanery
All decafs
Kirkland Signature Decaf
Counter Culture Coffee
Slow Motion Decaf
Dancing Goats Coffee
Dancing Goats Blend, Steeped Dancing Goats® Blend, Organic Peru

Kenya Thiriku Decaf

Doma Coffee
Jackie OH!
Decaf Peru
Dutch Bros
Elysian Coffee
Elysian Decaf
Empty Tomb Coffee Co.
Peru Decaf
Equator Coffees
Decaf Ethiopia Shakisso Organic
Firelands Coffee Co.
The Reflector
Groundwork Coffee
Decaf Angel City, Decaf Bitches Brew
Decaf Coffee
Heyday Coffee Co.
Afterglow Decaf
Jim's Organic Coffee
Together Decaf, Espresso Roast Decaf, French Roast Decaf, Sweet Nothings Decaf
JJ Bean Coffee
Sleeping Fox
Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company
Café Kaldi
Kean Coffee
Decaf Bolivia Swiss Water
Kicking Horse Coffee
Kuma Coffee
Seasonally rotating decaf
Linea Caffe
Big Calm
Manzanita Coffee
Guatemala Decaf
Marley Coffee
Simmer Down
Mill City Roasting Company Inc
Modest Coffee Roasters
Decaf Colombia Huila
Monogram Coffee
Seasonal Single Origin
Moving Coffee Roastery
Ethiopia G1 Asikana
Ninth Street Espresso
Swiss Water® Process Decaf
Nowhere Coffee Club
Afternoon Delight Swiss Water® & Nightcap Swiss Water® Decaf
Numa Coffee
Sumatra, French Roast
Onyx Coffee Lab
Decaf Kenya Thiriku
Peet's Coffee
Water Processed Decaf
Philz Coffee
Luca's Unplugged Decaf
Portland Roasting
Tilikum Crossing
President’s Choice
PC Gourmet Swiss Water® Process
Propeller Coffee
Organic Swiss Water Decaf
Purity Coffee
Calm Decaf
Reprise Coffee
Uncaf / The Zero
Reunion Coffee Roasters
Firefly Decaf
Roast House
French Decaf, Power Nap Instant
French Roast Decaf
Salt Spring Coffee
Swiss Water Decaf
Savorista Coffee
Burundi Blossom, Total Eclipse, Yesso! Espresso, Kenyan Sunset
SF Bay Coffee
Decaf Gourmet Blend, Decaf Espresso Roast, Decaf French Roast
Spring Valley Coffee Roasters Ltd
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Trapper Creek Decaf
Tabby Cat Coffee
Catnap Decaf
Takelma Coffee Roasting
Arrow Wiláw
Talking Crow Coffee Roasters
All decafs
The Coffee Beanery Ltd
The Human Bean
SWP® Espresso Decaf
Three Keys Coffee
Burundi Bebop, Montreux
Tim Hortons
Decaf Colombia
Tony's Coffee
Decaf Cafe Carmelita
Trees Cheesecake & Organic Coffee
Swiss Water® Process Decaf
Verena Street Coffee Co.
Sunday Drive, Rocking Chair, Mississippi Grogg® Decaf
Verve Coffee Roasters
Vancouver Decaf (Whole Bean, Craft Instant Coffee, and Flash Brew Nitro)
Waking the Dead Coffee Co
Whole Foods 365
Buzz Free Decaf
Wolfgang Puck Coffee
After Dark
Wonder Waves Coffee
Seabreeze Serenade
Zavida Coffee
Decaf Colombian Swiss Water® Process


Don’t see your favorite roaster on this list? Reach out to them directly to confirm they’ve chosen the chemical-free Swiss Water® Process.