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Our People

We’re not just marketers, finance people, and sales reps. We’re enthusiasts with a passion for one thing. Amazing coffee. Well maybe we’re also passionate about small dogs, donuts, long hugs, warm smiles, and good company. Meet the people committed to making great coffee happen every day at Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc.


It takes a lot of drive to lead a team of obsessive coffee enthusiasts. Our executive team keeps everything moving in the right direction.

Frank Dennis

President & CEO

Iain Carswell

Chief Financial Officer

Marisol Pinzon

Managing Director of Trading and Development

Erin Reed

Director of Marketing

Barry Close

VP, Operations

Emmanuel Dias

VP, Europe

Kurt Dyck

Principal Engineer

Sam Hameed

Human Resources Director


These pros humbly get the word out, so everyone knows that Swiss Water® is the very best decaf you can buy.

Melissa T.

Marketing Coordinator

Customer Sales and Service

Working with some of the best in the business, our Customer Sales and Service Team can handle pretty much anything. New accounts, tolling inquiry, decaf questions. Just ask.

Ray Flowers

Director of North America Development

CJ Yang

Senior Customer Relationship Specialist

Alex Choppin

Customer Relationship Specialist

Sejun (Jacob) Park

Junior Commodity Trader

Yoshi Toyoda

Sales and Customer Development Specialist

Coffee Sourcing and Quality Assurance

Coffee expertise isn't optional here. Our strength is built on the green coffee sourcing and quality assurance expertise of these folks

Mike Strumpf

Director of Coffee

Jenny Jin

Quality Systems Manager

Cindy Cao

Research and Quality Coordinator

Galvany Carrillo Tapias

Cupping Technician/Sales Support Admin

Operations and Logistics Team

Great coffee demands detailed monitoring and a deep understanding of how to streamline the process is essential.

Darek Juzwiak

Managing Director of Seaforth Supply Chain Solutions

Chris Chan

Process Performance Manager

Dorota Impert

Logistics Supervisor

Ross Robertson

Production Supervisor

Ana Mikan

Production Supervisor

Emerson Iraheta

Production Supervisor

Robert Weibe

Master Planner / Supply Chain

Deepika Bilkhu

Logistics Supervisor

Finance & Administration

Someone’s got to count the beans. Coffee and otherwise.

Ivy Cao

Assistant Controller

Eve Bartnik

Director of Financial Reporting and Treasury

Dave Wong

Strategic Revenue Management Director

Adriane Paredes

Accounts Clerk

Bárbara Bona

Invoice-Sales Administrator

Human Resources & IT

Our potential is only as great as the people behind the brand. And those who keep the servers working help a lot too.

Lana Tomashevich

BI Developer

Eva Torillo

Administrative Assistant

Ayesha Sidhu

Human Resources Administrator


Systems Administrator

Join our Team

We are always on the lookout for team members passionate about doing great work. Sound like you? We’d love to hear from you.

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