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Where can I find Swiss Water® Decaf coffees?

So you're looking for Swiss Water® Decaf? You've come to the right place!

When we talk about choosing Swiss Water® Decaf coffees, we know it can sometimes be confusing to the coffee lover & decaf drinker. See, we don't roast coffee ourselves—we decaffeinate coffee for coffee roasting companies who then sell it along to you. That means there isn't a single coffee brand named "Swiss Water" that reflects our process & method, but rather that we're considered a link in the chain of getting a delicious coffee from the farm into your cup—only without the caffeine.

Choosing a decaffeinated coffee that displays the Swiss Water® sticker, logo, or name means you've picked a decaf where the roaster made bringing you a chemical-free process top priority, and where the finished product is going to be not only delicious—but true to the original coffee's taste, too.

So how do you find Swiss Water® Decaf? Even though we don't roast the coffee and sell it directly from our facility, we try to make it as easy as possible for decaf hunters to track down the best of the best. For those who want to grab a cup in person, visit our Store Locator to find quality coffee roasters, cafes, and retailers all around the world that keep coffees decaffeinated by Swiss Water in stock. Just type in your location and look around the map to see what roasters, cafes, and specialty shops carry Swiss Water decaffeinated coffees near you!

Prefer to buy coffee at the grocery store? Our Grocery section can help you learn which Swiss Water partner brands may be available in supermarkets in your area. When you're in the store, look for the brands we've highlighted in our Grocery section or who use our logo and name on the bag, so you know you're getting chemical-free Swiss Water®.

Or, if you live within the United States and would like to order online, we sell an ever-rotating selection of craft roasts from our partners across the country on our Decaf Webstore, in a variety of roasts and styles (including pre-ground and instant varieties!). Coffee comes shipped to you directly from the roaster, to ensure it's as fresh as possible.

And if you're the kind of drinker who likes variety, our Curated Coffee Subscription allows you sit back and let us guide you, with a tour of different Swiss Water decafs every month from our great partners.

We truly think that coffee lovers deserve better decaf choices. We hope these options make things just a little easier! More questions on where to find Swiss Water® coffee? Drop a line!

Swiss Water® Decaf

Swiss Water is an innovative, 100% chemical free decaffeination process removing caffeine for coffee roasters around the world.

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