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The Art Behind #ArtWithoutCaffeine

#ArtWithoutCaffeine at the Swiss Water® Coffee Studio (our decaf-only popup coffee shop in NYC) is a one of a kind experience to enjoy coffee like you’ve never had it before. From October 30 through November 8, patrons are guided through a sensory experience that includes espresso, hand-crafted manually brewed coffee, and cold brew options. Educational elements and demonstrations are also being served as accompaniments to great tasting beverages.

But #ArtWithoutCaffeine isn’t just about the caffeine (or lack thereof) - it’s also about the art. We wanted to showcase that elegance can be found in so many elements of coffee, which is why we commissioned four artworks from renowned artists; Dasic Fernández, Musketon, Joe Doucet, and David Pullman. Each artist has interpreted and expressed a part of coffee’s journey from Crop to Cup.  We donated these magnificent pieces of art to Grounds for Health – who are, in turn, placing them up for sale in the popup, where 100% of proceeds will benefit Grounds for Health’s cervical cancer prevention programs.

Grounds for Health is an international non-profit organization that focuses on cervical cancer screenings and treatment for women working in rural, and coffee growing communities.  As a long-time supporter of Grounds for Health, we understand that these women play a pivotal role in the Crop to Cup journey. Through this art collection, we have the opportunity to help Grounds for Health achieve their mission of reducing cervical cancer among women in coffee growing countries – and so do you!

Visit the Swiss Water® Coffee Studio, and marvel at the artistic talent that is up for sale. If you can’t make it to NYC, you can view the artwork online. When you’ve found the piece that stands out to you the most, head over to Grounds for Health’s website to place your purchase.

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