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Swiss Water x World Coffee Research

At Swiss Water, we know the future of the planet and the future of coffee are inextricably linked. Through supporting the work being done by World Coffee Research (WCR), we hope to ensure a bright, sustainable future for the next generation of coffee.

Current projects underway by WCR are working to address the effects of climate change, coffee leaf rust and pests, low yield issues, and other factors that impact the survival of this important—and potentially endangered—crop. The organization is also on the vanguard of genetics research in coffee, setting quality standards, and supporting farmers in their efforts to thrive financially as well as agriculturally.

"Climate change is putting unprecedented pressure on farmers and the landscape—while globalization gives coffee farmers other opportunities for how to make a living. At the same time, demand is rising. We’ll need our coffee lands to produce significantly more coffee than they can today," says Hanna Neuschwander, Communications Director, World Coffee Research.

"Fewer farmers, less origin diversity—that is the likely future that coffee faces without significant innovation and investment to support coffee producers around the world to remain profitable and continue farming," says Neuschwander. "But using advances in agricultural science, it is possible to dramatically improve coffee yields, coffee quality, climate resilience, and farmer livelihoods."

World Coffee Research was created by the global coffee industry in 2012 in recognition of the need for innovation in coffee agriculture. They work in partnership with 92 organizations in 27 countries with the financial support of over 185 companies globally.

Swiss Water is a supporter of the World Coffee Research checkoff program, which enables roasters to donate a set amount per pound of green coffee purchased directly to WCR. In 2019, we also became a matching supporter of the World Coffee Research checkoff program, meaning Swiss Water donates an equivalent amount to any program funds donated by a roaster through our relationship. In 2019, we donated nearly $9,000 in matching funds to WCR through this program, along with our annual contribution—important steps in protecting the valuable resource that is coffee, and the earth that sustains it.

You can read more about World Coffee Research and its current projects here. And if you're a roaster interested in joining the checkoff program? Find out more here!

Photos courtesy World Coffee Research.

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