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Swiss Water x MiiR For the Earth

Being environmentally responsible should feel like a celebration, not an obligation. We're thrilled to have partnered with Seattle-based MiiR, whose social and sustainability initiatives advance the role of coffee and coffee drinkers in ensuring a better planet.

Beyond simply offering the most stylish and functional reuseable coffee cups on the market, we love MiiR for their long view on giving back to the earth, and the global coffee community, through sustainable and generous initiatives.

Their own website sums it up best:

"We make premium stainless steel vessels for coffee, beer, wine and food, all of which rely on three things at their core: water, earth and the relationship people have with both. We sit at the nexus of these three critical elements by setting aside a portion of revenue to fund projects focused on clean water, a healthy environment and strong communities."

If you're lucky enough to own a MiiR mug like our limited edition Swiss Water tumbler or double-walled travel cup, you'll have already noticed something special on the bottom: it's called a Give Code, and each MiiR product has one. Registering the give code on your mug or reuseable container allows you to build a deeper relationship with the product to which it's related, like Project #56, MiiR x Women’s Wilderness.

In April, 2019 MiiR granted $10,000 to help support their mission to cultivate courage, confidence, connection, and environmental stewardship among girls, women, and the LGBTQ2+ community through year-round outdoor immersions across the West.

Other projects have included Project #45, a donation of $35,000 to Viva Farms in the Skagit Valley of Washington State, a nonprofit farm business incubator and training program, and project #43, which brought clean water to 48 coffee farmers' households in Lempira, Honduras, ending their long daily walks for life-sustaining water.

These projects are fueled by conscientious coffee-drinkers who want to avoid the waste of single-use cups. "We're happy to provide a solution for roasters and cafes who are wanting to offer their customers a high-quality and durable reusable option," says MiiR's Director of Coffee, Ben Keeler. Their popular cups have gone all the way from the hands of everyday drinkers to international groups like the Specialty Coffee Association, who partnered with MiiR to provide reusable tumblers to prevent waste at its annual coffee expo—the world's largest.

 MiiR's limited-edition Specialty Coffee Association Expo tumbler.


As a coffee company made up of coffee lovers, we know that all the choices made along the way to a cup—from the way a coffee is farmed and sourced to our choices to avoid chemicals in decaffeination—matter in preserving coffee's longevity on earth as we face climate change, leaf rust, pests, and myriad other challenges to this cherished agricultural product. MiiR raises the bar and does one better by making the actual cups we drink out of make both a sustainable impact through offering a reusable product, and a global social impact through their unconditional investments and reinvestments in the communities striving to sustainably farm, use, and celebrate the planet.

We raise our tumblers to MiiR!

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