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Swiss Water Small Batch Series: Ethiopia Limmu Kossa

In 2012, Swiss Water began introducing limited editions of special green coffee offerings to our roaster partners, which we call our Small Batch Series. Through this program, we're able to source and secure limited amounts of unique and beautiful coffees from origins around the world, changing a few times per year. While we're fans of all our green coffee offerings, this boutique selection shows off some of the best of the best in coffees that we've identified as not only inherently delicious and complex, but which make absolutely stunning decaffeinated selections as well. Suffice it to say we're a little bit proud of this project.


Our latest offering in the Small Batch Series is an Ethiopian coffee from the Limmu Kossa estate in the Jimma region. This coffee represents all of the beautiful citrus and floral characteristics associated with washed Ethiopian coffees, presenting a delicate cup with notes of blackberry, lemon, grapefruit, and mild chocolate. Grown at a high altitude of 1,840-2,130 meters above sea level, this heirloom variety Ethiopian coffee is fully washed and sun-dried. It is also fully organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Socially, the Limmu Kossa farm is one whose ethics we believe in. Active in their community, the estate has built schools, flour mills, and other infrastructure to support the families who work with and near the estate. Limmu Kossa offers training to other farmers within the community on best practices, emphasizing sustainability throughout all that they do.

Finding Ethiopian coffees that are traceable to the farm level is challenging; getting that connection plus the amazing flavor makes the Limmu Kossa Estate a truly special source for delicious and sustainable coffee.

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