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Staying Cool With Decaf Cold Brew

It seems like we wait all year for summer, and then when the dog days roll in we can't wait for it to roll out. For coffee lovers, there's no better way to keep cool than a cold brew, and these coffee companies have unlocked the key to summer enjoyment by offering Swiss Water decaffeinated cold brew coffees to stretch the pleasure of cold brew well into the long summer nights. We talk to our partners at Cafe Grumpy, Paradise Mountain Coffee Roasters, and Gregorys Coffee about their decaf cold brew offerings.



Our decaf offering right now is Primavera, Guatemala. All shops are brewing and serving Decaf Cold Brew except our Miami store at the moment, and we offer it from late spring to early fall.

We actually get a lot of requests for decaf coffee so we made a conscious decision to serve the best decaf coffee we can source. With cold brew as popular as it is, we decided to offer decaf cold brew to add to our decaf espresso and pour-over options.

The decaf cold brew has to taste like regular cold brew and I think we have achieved that. The response has been very positive and customers really enjoy the option of having a decaf iced coffee.

—Shaak Shatursun, Operations Manager



Our decaf blend is called Slow Jam, and it's currently made up of a natural coffee from Alta Mogiana, Brazil and washed Ethiopian coffees from Yirgacheffe and Sidamo. We serve it at all of our locations year round!

Before we switched from traditional iced coffee to cold brew (eight years ago! yikes!) we knew we had customers who drank decaf iced coffee, so I think it just seemed natural that we'd switch that over as well.

Reception was initially pretty much in line with the reaction to the regular cold brew, which has always been quite positive. As we've grown, though, and as we've improved the quality of our decaf, I do think our decaf-drinking customers have really grown to appreciate the effort we put into making sure they get as tasty of an experience as anyone else.

—Maciej Kasperowicz, Director of Coffee



Paradise Mountain Organic Decaf Cold Brew is a unique blend of high-grown Arabica from our farmers in Chiang Mai, Thailand and the Chiapas region of Mexico. This combination produces a full-bodied, medium-depth cup with a clean finish. We are proud that our beans are sourced directly from the farmers themselves as we work alongside them to share trade practices and more opportunity.

We decided to offer Organic Decaf Cold Brew year-round when a decaf customer of ours asked why we wouldn’t offer a version for people like her! This customer is a decaf connoiseur and loves the Paradise Mountain Organic Decaf blend after trying hundreds of others. We wanted to create a delicious cold brew that would satisfy those who love coffee but it might not always love them back.

The customer response has been amazing! Especially within our decaf network, the feedback has been really positive.

—Melissa Price, Chief Operating Officer, Paradise Mountain Organic Coffees

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