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Small Batch Series DRC Rebuild Women's Hope

Our newest Small Batch Series offering comes from an inspiring cooperative in the Democratic Republic of Congo called Rebuild Women’s Hope (RWH). Founded in 2013 on Idjwi, a remote island in Lake Kivu, Marcelline Budza established the coop to do exactly what it is named: rebuild the hope of women in the DR Congo and, in turn, lift up the nation.

Budza and her fellow members are off to a roaring start, offering pre-harvest, interest-free loans to members (which can be repaid in either cash or coffee cherry). They’ve also built a maternal and pediatric clinic on Idjwi, and a women’s center offering skill-development opportunities for the community. RWH also offers an incentive program for producing farmers to receive a free cow or goat at the end of harvest season if they achieve certain benchmark goals.

This coffee was sourced in partnership with our friends at Atlas Coffee, whose dedicated work in this part of Africa continues to grow. Processed at the Hala washing station, coffee is sorted and floated to remove defects, then depulped and fermented in tanks before washing, pre-drying, and being set out for a final dry on raised beds.

We’re delighted to bring you this deliciously floral and socially meaningful offering as a decaffeinated Small Batch coffee, with notes of black tea, lemon, lime, and white grape.  


Interested in this or learning about any of our upcoming Small Batch offerings? Reach out to us at sales at swisswater dot com. 

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