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Small Batch Series: Costa Rica Aquiares Peaberry

Our Small Batch Series is a program of limited decaf green coffee offerings that features hyper-seasonal, highly traceable, and really tasty coffees. Our newest offering is from Aquiares Estate, Costa Rica. 

Aquiares Estate, more commonly known as “Aquiares Coffee and Community,” is the largest coffee farm in Costa Rica and is home to 1,800 people. Though the farm was founded in 1890, it would be nearly a century later before Alfonso Robelo, a refugee from Nicaragua, sought a new home for his family in Costa Rica and arrived on this farmland. In this “land between rivers”, as Aquiares means in the Huetar language, Alfonso began to develop the land into a true community where workers were able to purchase their own homes and truly invest in not only the farm’s success, but their own livelihoods.

Alongisde this transformation came a renewed commitment to sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, and quality. Aquiares is committed to carbon neutrality, and is part of Costa Rica’s Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action, which includes regular monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions. The farm estate’s commitment to the environment and coffee quality go hand in hand, as Aquiares regularly participates in research on everything from soil health to its local bird population—just a few of the puzzle pieces involved in promoting and preserving a healthy coffee-growing ecosystem.

This coffee is a Peaberry, meaning the coffee bean is one single round seed instead of the two halves we are familiar with from other varieties. It is often said to produce sweeter coffees, due to the more even roasting possible from the bean’s uniform shape. This lot is a washed coffee, dried on raised beds in a solar dryer for 18-24 days. We love its sweet, nutty flavor and comforting finish. If you're interested in purchasing this, or another Small Batch Series green coffee offering, please reach out to us.


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