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Small Batch Series: Burundi Rotheca Project

Our Small Batch Series is a program of limited offerings that features hyper seasonal, highly traceable, and really tasty coffees.

“If you want to develop Burundi, you develop the women”
Angèle Ciza

In 2012, Angèle Ciza decided to go into the coffee business with a friend. Together they purchased a number of washing stations, hoping to work in closer partnership with growers as a means to begin processing some of the best coffees in the country. Ciza sadly passed away in 2022, but her legacy and tremendous impact lives on through her company, Kalico (short for Kahawa Link Company)—a name synonymous with specialty coffee in Burundi. 

Through emphasis on education and outreach, on topics from plant nurseries to picking, the quality of Burundi coffees produced with Kalico’s partnership has improved—along with the prices paid to farmers. Kalico has continued to invest in training, environmental protection, micro-finance, and other social infrastructures such as a scholarship program to pay for school fees for young girls.

This is our third season offering this coffee from the Rotheca Project, a partnership between Kalico, Phyllis Johnson of BD Imports, and RGC Coffee, organized to combat poverty and support women-produced coffee in Burundi. It not only represents the quality Burundi has to offer, but also embodies the vision of Ciza, whose work has uplifted thousands of farmers and continues to be a source of inspiration, especially for women—who own or manage almost 80% of Burundi’s farms. 

This lot comes from the Butihinda Washing Station, built in 1984. This mill manages processing for approximately 1,000 smallholder producers from Bwinyana hill.

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