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Roaster Spotlight: Stumptown & Flat Track

We wouldn't be who we are without the dedication of coffee roasters around the world who've turned today's decaffeinated coffees into the true works of art. We celebrate our partnerships with the high-caliber roasters that know decaf coffee is more than an afterthought on the menu, but a selection to treat with just as much care and respect as caffeinated coffee.

We're taking the time once again to introduce you to two more great specialty coffee coffee roasters: Stumptown and Flat Track, coffee companies whose expertise at sourcing, roasting, and brewing coffee are among the best of the best. We're proud to have the opportunity to decaffeinate their coffee, and be a part of a quality-focused supply chain for these coffee roasters.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown is one of the country's best-known specialty coffee roasters, having kicked off their brand in Portland, Oregon, all the way back in 1999. Today, the company boasts cafes and roasteries on both American coasts—in Seattle, Portland, LA, and New York City—as well as Kyoto, Japan.

Stumptown's Trapper Creek Decaf is a season-spanning blend with notes of dried fruit and graham cracker. Stumptown's Green Coffee Sourcing Manager, Katy Keisling, says Stumptown chose the Swiss Water Process for decaffeination because "the method produces unparalleled cup quality".

"Through the Swiss Water Process, the coffees we source maintain their flavor and origin characteristics, allowing the integrity of the coffee to shine through. Additionally, the fact that it is a chemical-free process is critical to the quality and health of the end product," says Keisling. We'll cheers to that!


Flat Track Coffee Roasters

From beginnings as a pop-up cafe inside bookstores and skate shops, Austin, Texas roaster Flat Track Coffee Roasters has been on the move for nearly ten years. They operate their own, "moto-themed" roastery-cafe space nowadays, and their chemical-free decaf of choice? Swiss Water Colombia Excelso.

Roaster Justin Matheny says: "The best tasting decafs out there are always Swiss Water processed. I want my customers who enjoy decaf to enjoy the best quality."

Flat Track's Colombia Excelso decaf has notes of molasses, black cherry, and lemon zest—a beautiful option at any time of day (or night!)

Thanks again to the dedicated folks at both companies who have continued to elevate the craft of delicious, chemical-free decaf. 

Swiss Water® Decaf

Swiss Water is an innovative, 100% chemical free decaffeination process removing caffeine for coffee roasters around the world.

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