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Roaster Spotlight: Gotham, Groundwork, and Gregorys

As a brand that operates behind the scenes, we work to support incredible coffee roasters around the world in bringing delicious, chemical-free decaf to your cup. Our partnerships with these talented coffee roasters allow us to be a part of something we consider pretty huge: an international movement towards appreciation of high-quality, delicious, sustainable coffees that just happen to omit one key ingredient—caffeine.

We're taking the time once again to introduce you to more of the great specialty coffee coffee roasters whose expertise at sourcing, roasting, and brewing coffee are among the best of the best. We're proud to have the opportunity to decaffeinate their coffee and be a part of a quality-focused supply chain for these roasters.

And this batch of roaster spotlights has a special theme: they're all Great with a capital G, because they all happen to start with the letter G: Gotham, Groundwork, and Gregorys! Let's get to know them.


This growing New York City coffee brand started out roasting small at Brooklyn's Pulley Collective, a collective coffee roasting space that incubates the city's coolest new coffee brands. It was at Pulley that Gotham founder Andrew Richter first found the delicious Nicaraguan Swiss Water Process decaf coffee that Gotham still uses today.

"Our decaf is always a Swiss Water Process coffee from Fincas Mierisch in Nicaragua. I was taken aback by how great an espresso it made. This was right when I got my first roasting gig, and up until that point I only ever had cheap, no-name decaf, and thought that it was a product that everyone wrote off," says Richter.

Beyond being delicious, Richter says Swiss Water decaf just made sense for his cafe's clientele. "Considering the trend towards natural, non-synthetic products, it was a no-brainer."

Visit Gotham Roasters online here, or if you're in Manhattan, find them at 23 W 19th Street.


Longtime West Coast coffee roaster Groundwork Coffee has always kept the focus on organic and fairly traded offerings. It's a perfect partnership for Swiss Water, where our own process is organic-certified, which means a coffee roaster's certifications stay intact even after a coffee goes through our careful decaffeination treatment.

Roasting since the '90s in beautiful Venice Beach, California, Groundwork offers a Swiss Water Process decaf with a juicy, sweet flavor that's perfect for sunny drinking at any time of day. Angel City Decaf is a blend of seasonal coffees with notes of dates, cola, and California citrus. Sounds like perfect cold-brew drinking to us!

Learn more about Groundwork by visiting their website, or if you're in LA or Portland, visit one of their cafes yourself and see what their sustainable model is all about!


This bustling NYC-bred chain of specialty cafés has reached its growth to New Jersey and DC in recent years, bringing Gregorys' bespectacled branding of delicious coffees, teas, signature drinks, and housemade baked goods to an appreciative audience of busy workers and city-folk.

Gregorys' Slow Jam decaf is a blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees that founder Gregory Zamfotis describes as having "tremendous body, sweetness, and sparkle" to it.

"People are often very surprised to hear it is decaffeinated, simply because there is no telltale sign of a decaffeination in the finished product," says Zamfotis. From a quality standpoint, I haven't found any decaffeinated coffee that comes close to the range of Swiss Water Process coffees out there."

Check out Gregorys' website here.

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