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Arcade Coffee Roasters & Propeller Coffee

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Our September roasters hail from Riverside, California, and Toronto, Ontario. Here’s a little more about each.



Playfully headquartered in a former video store (which they haven't fully changed the sign on), this craft roaster in California's Inland Empire has a dedicated following. Co-founders Stevie Hasemeyer and Shane Levario began Arcade as a back-alley office-park walk-up, but today are one of the most notable coffee brands in the region. And they've always been committed to great decaf.

"It feels like decaf has always been an afterthought in specialty coffee, we didn't want to do that at our shop, we wanted it to be a coffee we could recommend to people and be excited about the option," says Hasemeyer.

Their current decaf offering is a Colombia Excelso, which Hasemeyer describes as "sweet and caramelly with a good body". Yum!

Check out Arcade’s website here, or pick up a bag of their coffee from the Swiss Water store today.



Founded in 2013, Propeller Coffee is a big player on the Toronto coffee scene, and is a certified B Corp with a mission focused on sustainability. Head roaster Jonathan Cox says the first really great decaf coffee he had was a Swiss Water Colombian coffee during a tasting at work. “I wasn’t really drinking decaf much back then, so I was surprised that decaf could actually taste like real coffee, even with what seemed like real origin character,” says Cox. “It actually tasted like a Colombian, like I would expect a full-caf single-origin to taste.”

Propeller’s current decaf offering is a Swiss Water Organic Mexican decaf. “It’s a total chocolate bomb, with hints of baking spices,” says Cox, “It’s a flavour profile I think of as just classic Mexican coffee. So it’s great that our customers who can’t or don’t want to consume caffeine are still getting that experience of tasting the classic flavours of an origin, the same way you would with any of our other offerings.””

Check out Propeller’s website here.

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