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Roaster Spotlight: Allegro Coffee

Denver-based Allegro Coffee has focused on sourcing sustainable, ethical coffees for more than 40 years. The company's commitment to long-term partnerships and coffee quality extends to an exclusive partnership with Swiss Water to decaffeinate Allegro coffees through our chemical-free process.

With a flagship roastery and café in Denver, as well as hyperlocal roasting branches in Whole Foods Market stores across the country, Allegro has made a name for itself as a purveyor of quality, accessible coffees. The company's decision to use Swiss Water is not only a matter of process, but taste, says Allegro Director of Sourcing Christy Thorns—who says the first great decaf she ever had was a washed process Swiss Water Decaf Ethiopia Sidama Homacho Waeno coffee.

"I was surprised by the power and complexity of Sidama aromatics shining through in this SWP decaf when we first started roasting it for our Small Batch line-up," says Thorns.

Allegro began its partnership with Swiss Water, says Thorns, "because of the trust we had in the integrity of their process and their commitment to continually work to improve the quality of their end product. We trust them to handle our green coffee and ensure that environmentally sound and clean processing standards are always met."

And as for why we love them? We're especially into Allegro's vast menu of decaffeinated offerings—nearly a dozen different choices—with something perfect for every taste. From classic blends like Decaf Organic French Roast and Espresso Bel Canto (both available on our webstore) to single-origin offerings from Sumatra (also available on our webstore), Colombia, and the aforementioned Ethiopia Homacho Waeno, and even a decaf David Lynch blend (...would he approve?)

In fact, we're so excited about this huge lineup of Swiss Water decaffeinated coffees that we've teamed up to offer a 25% discount on Allegro decaf through July 14, 2021 when you order from Allegro directly. Take a look—you might just find your new favorite afternoon (or after hours) coffee! 

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