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Kunie Inaba's Decaf Iced AeroPress

With the weather heating up in the Northern Hemisphere, there's no question it's time for an iced coffee! And when you want to stay refreshed and enjoy a coffee at any time of day, there's no better drink than a fresh-brewed iced Swiss Water® decaf that's both chemical-free and brings out the best flavors in the coffee.

We asked our resident expert Kunie Inaba, Canadian Brewer's Cup Champion (and Swiss Water Cupping Room Technician), to share a recipe with us. And now... Kunie's Decaf Iced AeroPress!

You'll need:

1 AeroPress brewer (used in upright position)
3 AeroPress paper filters
100g ice cubes
22g Swiss Water® Decaf coffee, ground to slightly fine filter size
...and water, of course!

1. Grind coffee fresh, to a little finer grind than filter.

2. Assemble AeroPress with three paper filters overlapping, wetting them as you do so that they cover the sides of the cap nicely

3. Place the ice cubes in the serving vessel you'll be using to brew

4. Place coffee in an upright-positioned AeroPress. Make sure to tap the sides to make sure the coffee bed is as flat as possible.

5. Now start your timer. Take 10 seconds to pour 130g of water at 95C/201F

6. Stir North-South twice, East-West twice, and three times in a circle

7. Around 0:30 Place plunger into AeroPress and pull up ever so slightly to create a vacuum

8. Steep coffee in AeroPress for 90 seconds

9. At 2:00-2:30 Press down on AeroPress plunger into the server with ice cubes

10. Stir well to melt all ice (the brewed coffee produces a concentrate, so you'll want this step both for cooling as well as dilution)

11. Serve in a lovely glass, with fresh ice. Enjoy no matter what time of day it is, because it's decaf!

Swiss Water® Decaf

Swiss Water is an innovative, 100% chemical free decaffeination process removing caffeine for coffee roasters around the world.

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