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You love coffee, there's no doubt about it. But did you know that with our chemical-free process, you can enjoy coffee with the same delicious complexity and flavor you expect out of the best coffee—just without caffeine? In the Swiss Water Process, that's exactly what you get—learn more about how we do what we do here.

Coffee lovers today have more choices than ever of exceptional coffee, and you can find it everywhere from craft espresso bars to high-end grocers to even casual restaurants. What coffee lovers may not know, though, is they also have more choice when it comes to decaf.

While many methods of decaffeination—even those used by specialty coffee companies—use chemical solvents like Methylene Chloride and Ethyl Acetate, the clean, organic Swiss Water® Process adds nothing and takes away only caffeine. What does this mean to the conscious coffee drinker? A chance to choose a better decaf that's treated better—and that tastes just as delicious in the cup as before it was decaffeinated.

Coffee lovers deserve to know they have better choices—and that with Swiss Water, they never have to give up on taste when they're giving up caffeine.

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Swiss Water® Decaf

Swiss Water is an innovative, 100% chemical free decaffeination process removing caffeine for coffee roasters around the world.

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