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Grounds For Health: Making a Difference

Swiss Water has long been a supporter of Grounds for Health, an organization dedicated to women’s health in coffee-growing regions. We believe in their efforts so strongly, both the company and our employees contribute annually.

Through this close relationship with Grounds for Health, we’re committed to influencing direct and positive impact on the health, empowerment, and dignity of women and families in coffee-growing communities. By supporting the sustainability of women and families, we can support the sustainability of coffee farms. By improving access to vital, life-saving healthcare, Grounds for Health is both saving coffee, and saving lives.

Since 1996, the program has been successfully established in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Tanzania. Today, they are working actively in Ethiopia and Kenya. Grounds for Health began its work establishing single-visit approaches to screening and treating cervical cancer, the number-one cause of cancer deaths in women in developing countries. Screening is important because it means catching cancer early when it’s treatable. In week-long campaigns, the organization has screened hundreds of women in communities and provides immediate treatment so that families remain intact and healthy.

Most recently, during the pandemic, Grounds for Health successfully launched a program for women to self-test within their own local communities. Through this self-screening technology, nearly 80% of women will learn they are negative and won’t ever have to go to a health center—meaning they won’t have to choose between their daily responsibilities and their health, which traditionally has left a majority of women untested and at risk. Grounds for Health has, by introducing this technology, revolutionized testing for these communities and the women who bind them together.

Grounds for Health has already provided screening to more than 100,000 women, and continues to grow its outreach and very personal impact every year. We're deeply proud to support them through donations, conversations, and education to help make such an important difference in the lives of the families in coffee-growing regions around the globe.

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