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European Offering: Colombia Las Orquídeas

To our European roasting partners, we're thrilled to offer this coffee from the Huila region of Colombia, a project from our partners at RGC Coffee who have undertaken a number of initiatives to provide better opportunities to women coffee producers. Many women in this region have been adversely affected by the armed conflict in Huila over the years; these projects aim to provide training, social programs, and better access to credit funds in order to help secure a more stable and better life for future generations.

Las Orquídeas is a project that was established in 2019 with 150 women in five municipalities around Huila (Santa Maria, Teruel, Algeciras, Timana, and Pitalito) with an average farm size of three hectares. Regular workshops and training programs are coordinated in these communities aimed at three factors: social recognition, economic empowerment, and quality. These include everything from business training and money management to agronomy and post-harvest processing. The result in this case? A delicious coffee grown from Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra varieties, with notes of brown sugar, cocoa, and orange in the cup.

We have a limited selection of this offering and have reserved it exclusively for our European customers. In the cup, we find notes of brown sugar, cocoa, and orange.

We think the kind of work being done at Las Orquídeas is extremely important and we're excited to share it!

Interested European roasters, please reach out to for more information.

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