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Small Batch Series: Burundi Fairtrade Yagikawa

Our Small Batch Series is a program of limited offerings that features hyper-seasonal, highly traceable, and really tasty coffees. Our current offering is from Burundi’s Yagikawa Co-op.

Yagikawa, which means “talk about coffee,” is a co-operative of 811 members that formed in 2007 and today is one of the oldest farmer co-ops in the country, operating in Kayanza province as a strong association with a very tight-knit community.

Yagikawa was formed in response to the increasing pressure of privatization in the coffee sector as a way to financially compete with larger private investors by giving them more direct access to the market and avoiding intermediaries. In 2014, the co-op was able to build its own washing station to reduce the long distances its members had to walk to deliver their cherry. The realization of that goal then led to the development of a union with a number of other co-ops, called COCOCA (Consortium of Coffee Growers Cooperatives), which is an umbrella association responsible for marketing and commercialization of their member co-op’s coffees.

This Fairtrade certified coffee is grown at altitudes between 1,750–1,900 meters above sea level, is fully washed, and offers notes of strawberry, blood orange, cacao nib, plum, fig, dark chocolate, and cedar in the cup.

Email sales@swisswater.com for more information about this unique coffee and for more information about upcoming offerings.

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