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Seaforth Supply Chain Solutions

Did you know that Swiss Water's connection to coffee goes beyond the highest-quality chemical free decaffeination process going—and that we are partnered with one of the premier coffee logistics warehouses in the Pacific Northwest?

Swiss Water works directly with Seaforth Supply Chain Solutions, a logistics company that's served the greater Vancouver region since 2011. Seaforth handles everything that relates to bringing coffee over the water to North America and getting it to where it will be roasted—drayage, freight, brokerage, storage, and more. Seaforth employs not only a team of logistics experts, but also coffee experts who can evaluate the quality of goods upon arrival, and Q Graders who can provide cupping reports on the coffee itself. And they're always growing.

"We've expanded from 50,000 to 120,000 square feet," says Brett Taylor, Seaforth's General Manager. In the company's new facility in Delta, BC, just outside of Vancouver, Taylor says Seaforth has "found a place that we're going to be able to call our home and turn ourselves into a world-class green coffee storage and handling site."

For customers working with Seaforth and also looking to decaffeinate their green coffee with Swiss Water's chemical-free process, the benefits are obvious. Seaforth's proximity to the BC coast and also Swiss Water means a quick trip from container landing to our decaffeination facility, without the roaster having to worry about quality lost in transport or the cost of prolonged storage. And once it's decaffeinated, Seaforth can arrange the safe packaging and transportation for that coffee to head off to the roaster in perfect (and caffeine-free) condition. And though it should go without saying—naturally, Seaforth are experts at moving and storing caffeinated coffee, too.

Are you interested in learning more about the services Seaforth can offer your business? Email us at to find out what they can do for you.

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