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Roaster Spotlight: Timbertrain and Three Keys

We're back with another spotlight on two great coffee roasting partners we're thrilled have chosen Swiss Water as their decaffeination company of choice. We know that when our roaster partners take great care to source, roast, and brew amazing coffees that how they choose to handle their decaf choices is of the utmost importance, too. It's our job as always to honor their work and the work of the coffee's producers in treating with as much gentle, expert attention as it deserves.

This month we're highlighting two partners from opposite climates: Timbertrain Coffee Roasters in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Three Keys Coffee in Houston, Texas.

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Our neighbors at our home base in Vancouver, Timbertrain Coffee Roasters are local favorites for craft roasting and attention to detail. We've been huge fans since their inception in 2014, and are so proud to be the company behind their decaf!

Timbertrain coffee expert Griffin says that before Swiss Water, "I had only tasted decaf coffees that were drinkable but flavourless, it wasn't until working with the Swiss Water coffee at Timbertrain that I first saw that decaf coffees actually had the potential to showcase great flavours."

Timbertrain's decaf selection these days is a Colombian Suremo which their head roaster Kat says offers "a berry-forward acidity and toffee sweetness," and tastes super-balanced in milk or as a straight espresso. Yum!

Three Keys Coffee

Across the border to the south, one of our newest coffee roasting partners is Three Keys Coffee from sunny Houston, and we're so delighted to be a part of their repertoire. Tio and Kenzel Farrell, the husband-and-wife team behind this Texas roastery, bring a full sensory experience to coffee, infusing each selection with the spirit (and names) of jazz. Each coffee even has a playlist of its own—check out their Peru Montreux Decaf, which pairs with the contemporary trumpet of Keyon Harrold & the timeless virtuosity of Roy Hargrove.

Tio says his first great expereince with decaf was actually with Three Keys' current offering. "My first great decaf experience is actually my current decaf offering. "I was indeed surprised because as a roaster I knew that I wanted to include a decaf offering as part of our program but I guess I carried implicit biases about the quality and taste of decaf. I decided on Swiss Water through researching decaffeination processes/methods and wanting to offer high quality decaf coffee. Of all the methods it was my belief that SWP was far superior and the most natural approach to decaffeinating coffee."

Three Keys' current decaf selection is a Peruvian coffee they've named in tribute to the Montreux Jazz Fest. It's got notes of cocoa & taffy, and, of course, its own soundtrack.

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