Coffee Taster Pathway, Level One

July 13, 2017 7:30 am - July 21, 2017 4:30 pm Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company 3131 Lake City Way, Burnaby, BC V5A 3A3

Four Day Workshop: July 13/14 and July 20/21

Coffee tasters contribute to an organization’s buying program, establish quality control protocols, and define and protect a coffee program — building its reputation and maintaining its integrity. The Coffee Taster Pathway is designed to develop both your palate and your coffee career, preparing you for work in evaluation and analysis with the confidence to participate in high-stakes decision making. Always in high demand, sensory experts are pushing the front lines of specialty coffee into new territory, borrowing from outside disciplines to incorporate innovative lab techniques and data tracking, while working to achieve new heights in quality.

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July 13 – 14

Day One:

GE153* Le Nez du Café Aroma of Coffee

GE154* Sensory Skills Test Preparation

GE151* Green Coffee Grading

Day Two:

GE201* SCAA Cupping Form & Peer Evaluation

GE204 Defect Cupping

GE200 Introduction to Sensory Analysis

July 20 – 21

Day Three:

GE202* Comparative Cupping: World Regions

GE203* Comparative Cupping: Africa

GE205* Comparative Cupping: Central and South America

Day Four:

GE255* Organic Acids in Coffee

GE303* Triangulation Cupping



Classes marked with * are NOT required for Licensed Q-Graders. Q-Graders also earn credit for GE103: Orientation to SCAA Cupping in the Foundations of Coffee Pathway, but must complete all other classes. For more information contact