Small Batch Series – Burundi Project Rotheca

Thank you for your interest in our Swiss Water Small Batch Series. We’d love to talk with you about these highly traceable, very special decaf coffees, and help you provide your customers with some remarkably tasty decaffeinated options.

The Swiss Water® Process is certified organic and uses no added chemicals. Ever. We use water, temperature and time to gently remove caffeine, leaving behind all the flavors and nuance of the original coffee. That’s because we are a coffee company first. We’re focused on great tasting decaf, not extracting caffeine for resale, like many other processors.

Give your customers a decaf coffee that is 100% free of added chemicals. Swiss Water coffee isn’t like other decafs,
it’s amazing coffee without caffeine.


Read all about our newest offering, and fill out the form below. A member of our staff will reach out within a business day. We also welcome direct e-mail inquiries to [email protected].

Remember! These coffees have very limited availability so don’t wait to reach out!
Burundi Rotheca Project - Butihinda

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