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Everyday coffee lovers want coffee – all day. Curious what deters your early bird coffee fans from ordering an afternoon refill? Caffeine.

In fact, among all coffee drinkers, 62% are concerned about their caffeine intake.1  Not only that, coffee lovers who drink decaf are nearly twice as likely to drink three or more cups per day than those who only drink regular coffee.

If that’s not reason enough to stock your shelves with a tasty decaf alternative, keep in mind that 51% of millennials order outside the home.1  

Want to grow your afternoon and evening business?  Offer a great-tasting, chemical-free coffee without caffeine.

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  1. National Coffee Association, "National Coffee Drinking Trends" 2018, U.S. Market
  2. Studylogic custom research on behalf of Swiss Water, July 2017

Get a free roaster kit.

The roaster kit is for commercial roasters and features green decaffeinated coffee samples.


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