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This is no fairy tale.

You need science, not magic, for great tasting decaf!

Once upon a time, decaf meant lousy coffee. Probably because the vast majority of it was (and still is) processed using methylene chrloride and low quality beans. It’s cheap to make, but it comes with a big cost – it’s a chemical shortcut that destroys quality and flavor, leaving your beans with an unnatural orange color and distinctly chemical aftertaste.

(Oh, and it’s bad for the ozone layer too. You can read more about that HERE.)

Why use chemicals that damage your roast and your environment?

The Swiss Water® Process is a chemical-free method that is gentle on beans and the planet. It’s not a shortcut by any means. We have spent decades reinvesting in our technologies, techniques and team to make sure we’re always improving the quality of our process and our coffees.

It’s hard work but we think the real magic beans are the ones that are full of the flavors of origin, not chemicals.

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You need science, not magic, for great tasting decaf!

Roaster Kit is for coffee industry only; contains green (unroasted) decaffeinated coffee.


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