Amazing coffee + Swiss Water® Process = the best decaf cup quality you'll find. This is definitely not your grandma's decaf. Check out our product offerings and the different ways we can provide you with decaf coffee that is totally worth putting proudly in your coffee offerings.

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When you’re on a mission to bring great decaf to more people, we make accommodations for small lots. That’s why we offer the lowest minimum toll size in the industry. If your lot is at least 7,500 lbs, send us your coffee and we promise to return it just as delicious as when it came to us, and 99.9% caffeine free.

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Product offerings

Our coffee team has a ridiculous amount of experience buying, roasting, cupping, evaluating, serving, and enjoying coffees from all over the world. We travel, we talk, we taste – all to make sure the best green coffee available goes into the best decaf process anywhere.

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Education and Support Program

Designed specifically for coffee importers, roasters and baristas, we offer education guides for roasting and learning more about the Swiss Water® small batch, caffeine-removal process. So tell the world. Display the Swiss Water® logo and let your customers know how the caffeine was removed from their coffee. We’re just one part of the journey from farm to customer, and we’re proud to be one small step in creating great coffee.

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Origin Lot Traceability

Find the origin details that go into each decaf production.

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