Amazing decaf, truly free from chemicals

Swiss Water® Process removes only caffeine from coffee and focuses on retaining all the flavor and nuance of the original beans. Other decaffeination methods use chemical solvents that strip out taste and break the chain of sustainability. Consumer demand for decaf is growing; offer them the transparent and sustainable process they expect.

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What does
decaf really mean?

The Swiss Water® decaffeination process is organically certified and uses only water, temperature and time to gently remove caffeine. The result is amazing coffee with zero chemical residue or aftertaste.

Decaf coffee is growing.

Younger coffee drinkers want to enjoy coffee throughout the day and pay more attention to what they consume (and where it comes from). So it’s no wonder they are looking for information about coffee, including on the label. How the caffeine is removed is an important detail that communicates transparency and sustainability.

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The only consumer-branded decaf.

Swiss Water® is the world’s most recognizable brand for decaffeination. Consumers know the Swiss Water logo as a symbol of quality and a sustainable process.

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